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Release Date: May 20 2024 4:00AM

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Code: SmartDots
Description: SmartDots sample data
Long Description:
CodeType: Datasets - Datasets
Deprecated: False
Created Date: 2017-08-17
Modified Date: 2024-04-02
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AC_MaturityCode Maturity of the sampled specimen
Areas_GFCM_GSA GFCM Geographical Subareas, 2009
DataFlow Dataflows managed by ICES
DatasetGroups Groups of datasets, e.g. a group of all DATRAS datasets
DatasetVer The code combines the dataset code and the version code
DevScale Scale applied for reporting developmental stages
DevStage Developmental stage codes
EDMO European Directory of Marine Organisations (EDMO)
ExerciseType Type of exercise
ExpertLevel Level of expertise of age readers
HistologicalScreening Scale used for histological screening (description to be improved)
ICES_Area FAO Major Fishing Areas, subareas, divisions and subdivisions used by ICES in products.
ICES_StockCode ICES stock code used by stock summary database
ISO_3166 ISO 3166 country codes and region codes used by ICES
MaturityScale Maturity scale types
MaturityStage Maturity code within maturity scale
MeasurementCertainty Measurement certainty quality assessment/flag
METFP Methods of Chemical Fixation/Preservation of Samples
METOA Method of analysis/assay type
METST Method of storage
PARAM Parameters
POFStaging Stages of POF (description to be updated)
PreparationMethod Preparation method of the sampled tissue
SampleOrigin Source of sampling
SampleType Biological sample type
SEXCO Sex Codes (Environment)
SHIPC SeaDataNet Ship and Platform Codes
SpecWoRMS Selection of WoRMS AphiaID species references
StateOfProcessing State of processing
Station Station Dictionary
Theme Dataset thematic coverage for data hosted by ICES
YesNoExtensions Fields with Yes, No, Probably, and other relevant options
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AC_MaturityCode [6]
61 Juvenile/Immature (Standard 6-stage scale) Related
62 Maturing (standard 6-stage scale) Related
63 Spawning (standard 6-stage scale) Related
64 Spent (standard 6-stage scale) Related
65 Resting/Skip of spawning (standard 6-stage scale) Related
66 Abnormal (standard 6-stage scale) Related
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