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Release Date: May 20 2024 4:00AM

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Description: Biotic data in acoustic trawl surveys
Long Description:
CodeType: Datasets - Datasets
Deprecated: False
Created Date: 2019-11-29
Modified Date: 2024-04-02
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AC_AgePlusGroup Age plus group
AC_AgeSource Age source of the sampled specimen
AC_CatchDataType Catch data type
AC_DoorType Trawling door type
AC_GearExceptions Trawling gear exceptions
AC_HaulValidity Haul validity
AC_LengthCode Species length reporting code
AC_LengthMeasurementType Length measurement type of the sampled specimen
AC_MaturityCode Maturity of the sampled specimen
AC_MaturityScale Maturity scale
AC_SamplingFlag Flag for additional sampling
AC_Sex Gender of the sampled specimen
AC_SpeciesValidity Species validity
AC_Stratum Sampling stratum
AC_Survey Acoustic surveys
AC_WeightUnit Weight reporting unit
DataFlow Dataflows managed by ICES
EDMO European Directory of Marine Organisations (EDMO)
Gear Gear Type Codes
ICES_StockCode ICES stock code used by stock summary database
ISO_3166 ISO 3166 country codes and region codes used by ICES
SHIPC SeaDataNet Ship and Platform Codes
SpecWoRMS Selection of WoRMS AphiaID species references
Theme Dataset thematic coverage for data hosted by ICES
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AC_AgePlusGroup [1]
plusgroup Age plus group Related
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