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Effort measured in units
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CodeDescription CreatedModified
dat Days at sea IC_UnitEffort False 2016-10-27 2016-10-27
dhp Days per 100 HP IC_UnitEffort False 2007-04-16 2007-04-16
dop Days out of port IC_UnitEffort False 2007-11-27 2007-11-27
fd Fishing days IC_UnitEffort False 2007-03-01 2023-10-31
fe Fishing events IC_UnitEffort False 2016-10-27 2016-10-27
gd Gear days for fyke/trap nets IC_UnitEffort False 2017-02-20 2017-02-20
hd Hook days for longlines IC_UnitEffort False 2017-02-20 2017-02-20
hf Hours fished IC_UnitEffort False 2007-03-01 2007-03-01
hph Horsepower-hours IC_UnitEffort False 2013-04-03 2013-04-03
kh Kilos per hour IC_UnitEffort False 2011-08-31 2011-08-31
kWd KiloWatt days IC_UnitEffort False 2011-08-31 2021-05-12
NA Not available IC_UnitEffort False 2006-10-23 2007-11-28
nd Net days IC_UnitEffort False 2017-02-20 2017-02-20
nmd Net meter day (for GNS/GND) IC_UnitEffort False 2017-04-19 2017-04-19
NoV Number of Vessels IC_UnitEffort False 2007-04-16 2007-04-16
ntn Number of trap-nets IC_UnitEffort False 2007-04-12 2007-04-12
th Tons per hour IC_UnitEffort False 2006-10-23 2006-10-23
tr Trips IC_UnitEffort False 2007-05-16 2007-05-16
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