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Release Date: Oct 19 2019 4:00AM

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Code: sol.27.7e
Description: Sole (Solea solea) in Division 7.e (western English Channel)
Long Description:
CodeType: ICES_StockCode - ICES stock code used by stock summary database
Deprecated: False
Created Date: 2017-01-04
Modified Date: 2019-01-28
Link to this Code: //vocab.ices.dk/?CodeID=169275
Ecoregion Ecoregions as used by ICES Advice
ICES_Area ICES area references
ICES_Book ICES Advice Book
SpecWoRMS WoRMS AphiaIDs for ICES assessment species
Year Year
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Ecoregion [2]
CS Celtic Seas Ecoregion Related
NrS Greater North Sea Ecoregion Related