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Species reference lists
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CodeDescription CreatedModified
A1 Rubin list: Aves (birds) RLIST True 2006-10-23 2020-04-20
D1 Rubin list: Mammalia (mammals) RLIST True 2006-10-23 2020-04-20
ER European Register of Marine Species (ERMS/WoRMS) Latin name RLIST False 2006-10-23 2020-04-20
ERID European Register of Marine Species (ERMS/WoRMS) Aphia ID RLIST False 2013-06-13 2022-01-10
ESAS European Seabirds at Sea species code list (use only for the biodiversity ESAS data!) RLIST False 2021-11-08 2022-01-10
F0 Rubin list: Fish RLIST True 2006-10-23 2020-04-20
GH Deprecated code - legacy data only - Guy Hallfors list RLIST True 2010-07-28 2015-03-05
IT International Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) (3.1) RLIST True 2006-10-23 2020-04-20
ITLN ITIS Latin name (3.2) RLIST False 2006-10-23 2006-10-23
ITSN ITIS TSN code (3.2) RLIST False 2006-10-23 2006-10-23
K1 Rubin list: Crustacea RLIST True 2006-10-23 2020-04-20
M3 Rubin list: Mollusca RLIST True 2006-10-23 2020-04-20
NT Non-taxonomic based ID (ex. where mesh size of net is determining factor - not species identification) RLIST False 2006-10-23 2006-10-23
Ö1 Rubin list: Baltic brackish invertebrates (except Mollusca and Crustacea) RLIST True 2006-10-23 2020-04-20
P4 Rubin list: Marine Benthic Algae & Phytoplankton RLIST True 2006-10-23 2020-04-20
PEG_BVOL Biovolumes and Size-classes of Phytoplankton in the Baltic Sea RLIST False 2006-10-23 2007-02-20
VIVIT In vivo and in vitro test organisms RLIST False 2012-07-10 2012-07-10
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